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The Guest Room: Ticket Stub by Tim Hensley


Years ago, I was part of a very select group of people. One of our friends had a very unique job; He captioned subtitles for movies and television.  While he worked, he’d draw snippets of scenes he’d captured, or gags based on things he’d seen.  Occasionally, he’d gather some of them together in a zine.  He said he’d make about 10 copies of each and send them to his friends.  We felt privileged, because the finished product was so unexpected and so rare.  It was full of everything; drama, humor, pathos, wit.  It was beautifully drawn, beautifully written, and although I felt special to be one of the select few to read it at the time, I also felt a little sad, because so few people would get to see the finished product.

But now, a mere 15 years later, you can feel special too! All the issues have been collected into book form by Yam Books.  And it looks gorgeous!  You should buy it here, and pay your respects to the Corn Colonel!



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