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The Kids Room: Salad People and One Tricked Recipe


For Christmas, my younger son asked for cookbooks. So we purchased two of the Mollie “Moosewood” Katzen’s cookbooks for very young children, Salad People, and Pretend Soup. He tries to make something every day from the cookbooks. We usually have most of the ingredients that he needs, but when we don’t, he improvises. He calls it, “Tricking the Book.” He has a delicious “tricked” version of the Sunrise Lemonade from Salad People. It’s almost like chocolate milk, but less heavy and more refreshing.

Chocolate Trick
Ingredients: 1 cup almond milk, 2 tsps Trader Joe’s sipping chocolate, 1 squirt of honey, 1 tsp sugar.  Blend it all together. (He blends for about 5 minutes. He’s very thorough.) Squeeze the juice from half an orange into it.  Then add ice. Delicious!!!


One comment on “The Kids Room: Salad People and One Tricked Recipe

  1. jainabee
    June 27, 2013

    Nice trick!

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